A memory of Kumartuli

Location : Kumartuli, Kolkata, India

Hello friends , this is my first blog , so feeling a bit excited now .In order to choose a topic I was rewinding my memories and picked up a nice experience which I’ll be presenting to my lovely readers  .

It was a late afternoon of the month of August in 2006,still I can remember that moment when first time I stepped into the narrow lanes of Kumartuli which is  located in northern part of Kolkata ; famous for it’s artisans who are making idols since the early days of British era in Indian history . Here initially Idols were made using only the clay collected from the nearby river Ganges but as time passes and technology flourishes artisans started making Idols of Gods , Goddess and statues using other materials like plaster-of-parish,fibreglass and thermocol also .But this small area had permanently placed itself as an integral part of Bengal’s rich cultural heritage with this  extraordinary craftsmanship of local artisans in making of Durga idols and other hindu idols . So if you are interested into the Heritage of Bengal and it’s Cultures then  Kumartuli is a must visit place for you .


Lanes of Kumartuli


Man at work

( A man is preparing clay soil before using it in idol making )

Idol faces (which are made of clay ) are getting soaked into daylight

( Unfinished idol faces are lined up for drying up which will be used later .)

Goddess Durga taking shape
Layer by layer

( This particular format of  Durga Idol is the oldest one and known as “Ekchala Dugra Pratima” which means “One-Sided Durga Idol”[“Ekchala” =One-Sided ,”Pratima” =Idol] )

Artisan taking rest in between his work

( The gentleman in this photograph, himself is an artisan and his relaxed meditative posture attracted me , so I couldn’t resist myself to capture this photograph )


( The story with this photograph goes like this , I was about to leave that place as it was late evening and feeling very much hungry also , suddenly I discovered this semi finished Durga Idol kept in a small room packed with other raw materials.I felt something like God is looking into me and giving order to capture this moment and I dedicated my self to do so )

A devote offers prayer to Devi Durga

( The second day ( aka Shashthi ) of the Durga Puja festival where different rituals and offerings of food and prayers are performed in front of the deity )