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About Me Final

Hello my readers , I’m Suvrajyoti based out in Bangalore,India, an avid explorer who loves nature ( in any form and shape ) ,culture, heritage , architecture,local cuisines and their people .

tinystepblog.com is an expression of my long cherished dream – to document my travel experiences which I’ve gathered over the years, in the form of a Travel Blog . Photography and driving miles after miles through an unknown landscapes are other two things which I’m tremendously passionate about .

Honestly speaking , to me Travelling is nothing but to get out of your comfort zone and explore unknown places ,mingle with a bunch of new people , taste their cuisine , experience their culture & heritage and capture those moments and preserve for next generation , so that they could feel a bonding and oneness with all these elements of our civilization on this planet .

Stay connected with me and I will unfold so many beautiful places as I travel along with some necessary tips .Read my blogs and share with your friends if you like it . Take care and enjoy life !!!

Cheers !!! 🙂